Our Mission

Provide technological and structural services focused primarily on streamlining client infrastructure while removing excessive and redundant processes - typically using internet technologies. In essence, we become the outsourced "in-house" IT department.

W. Shawn Wilkerson Founder, Sanity LLC

Our Vision

To pioneer a technological power house used by clients around the globe as their single solution internet technology provider.

W. Shawn Wilkerson Founder, Sanity LLC

What we can do

We create the relationships and connectivity required to access, manipulate, and interact with client information and company structure.

E-Commerce sites and client-specific applications including cellular companies, affiliate systems, and non-profit client tracking.

We evaluate client structure, systems, processes, and data to ascertain if there are more efficient methods and technologies to be used.

We have handled everything from one page sites to international corporations involving restricted areas and thousands of pages..

Our skills

Web Design 95%
HTML5 / CSS3 92%
xPDO / PDO / MySQL 85%
MODX Revolution 97%

Meet Our Team

W. Shawn Wilkerson Chief Executive Officer / CEO / Founder

Why Sanity

Over the years, our clients kept repeating the same theme: our involvement brought clarity, efficiency, and ease of mind. Eventually, someone got around to saying how we brought them "Sanity".

In essence, our clients named our company and our service earned it.