The initial need of many clients, is to simply gather advice and information with a desire to acquire the necessary components required to establish a direction of action. Typically this stage is an ongoing process and can be returned to as needed.

Part of the discover phase is the B.A.R.T Definition, which clients should look into early on in their project.


Often, a client will begin the definition stage with a simple declaration: "We need ....". This is usually their first interaction with Sanity LLC, who will then ascertain the information collected in the Discover Phase with the purpose of building a clear definition for the client's need.


Sanity LLC provides forward-looking modular projects, with an open-ended future. All of the projects completed by Sanity LLC are quite easily expanded and developed as the client requires. It is not uncommon for us to custom fit applications to the needs of our clients, by creating platforms directly structured to their operations.

This could be as simple as taking documents and converting them to a web-based technology, or as far-reaching as translating the entire organization into database objects for tight integration into daily activities.


Sanity LLC, partners with each client, suggesting those services which can increase their overall effectiveness and efficiency. In this relationship the project is made a reality.