The following attributes should be considered and defined to the best of the clients ability before entering negotiations for web site development. In essence, these factors establish the foundation of our working relationship and can greatly focus a project and facilitate a timely conclusion.

Budget The maximum amount the client is willing to spend

Client: can quickly define the tone of the project as a gradual process, which is completed as money is budgeted, or as an open-ended single event - allowing possible future enhancement and extension.

Sanity LLC: strongly encourages clients to honestly disclose the budget amount early during negotiations.

Authority Who will represent the client

Client: should designate an individual who is legally allowed to sign contracts and represent their company as team leader or the direct supervisor of the client team.

This is typically someone who holds a position higher within the client organization.

Sanity LLC: has found the number of voices involved in a project is directly proportional to the complexity and confusion experienced.

In the majority of scenarios, a single team leader will represent the client, while another represents the production team. All communication will be limited to assigned team leaders and their respective designees, thereby greatly simplifying the work flow.

This allows clear communication to transpire thereby keeping the project true to its overall vision and purpose.

Resources What is needed for the project

Client: will need to define what is being accomplished, its needs, and the overall purpose of the project.

Sanity LLC: will need to prescribe the materials, data, and additional content necessary to successfully satisfy the project. These will almost always come from the client.

Time Frame When the project has to be finished

Client: is responsible to establish deadlines at the beginning of the project. Increased cost should be expected on short-notice projects and also projects which will require a prolonged development time.

Sanity LLC: is responsible to designate milestones and other project events.