Global Corporation

World Wide Stationery Manufacturing located in Hong Kong and Mainland China; ... were needing to brand our Company name and products... through a web site. Shawn [continues] to find new ways to present our products and Brand our name, as we gain recognition within the Bindery Industry [as the world's largest supplier of ring metals].
Russ Truelove, Representative World Wide Stationery Manufacturing Group

Central Florida Manufacturing

Shawn is [now] working on our website. He [is] doing a great job working with our product manager and sales team in getting everything fined tune. He is not only great at what he does, he is also a good honest, hardworking person. If we have a problem we can call on Shawn and he will point us in the right direction to help us get our problem solved or be here in a very short time. he has always been available and his customer service is outstanding.
Lauren Schultz, Vice President G.W. Schultz Tool INC.

Not For Profit / Ministry

Shawn has a brilliant mind that would be used to advance any business or church project. We appreciate all the knowledge and resources given to our ministry.
Tony Barhoo, Pastor Living Faith World Ministries

National Club and Expo

With his help I was able to move much of my bird club to the internet and eventually he helped me learn the skills I needed to manage multiple web sites. My websites, which are hosted on his servers, are some of the most popular sites on the internet concerning exotic birds. Without his push... my national bird club would not be as successful as it has become.
Charles Tillman, President Exotic Bird Society of America