Team Pre K

Don't let the simple front-end fool you!

In 2013, we were asked to design a highly secure web site which would allow the Pre-K Teachers in Volusia County Florida to track Personal Social and Communicative skills for students. Before this site was developed teachers spent as much as twenty minutes a week tabulating the assessments of each student.

Team Prek was able to reduce this to fifteen minutes a week for the entire class, allowing teachers to focus hundreds of hours each year on teaching rather than assessments and running reports.

In order for Evaluators to join the site they had to have a valid county email address and be vetted to be an actual instructor at the specified grade level.

County officials could monitor geographical divisions of schools as well as classrooms within schools and retrieve overview assessments for their area.

Web site incorporated:

  • Access Control Lists
  • Forced Email extensions - had to have
  • Teachers were unable to view other classrooms or students within other classrooms
  • Students names were first initial last name
  • Segmented data storage to make information meaningless without an authenticated site access
Volusia County Schools


Victoria Wilkerson
Tags: Daytona Beach Area, Not For Profit, Web Design
Design: Sanity
Started: January 2013
Completed: August 2015