World Wide Stationery Manufacturing Group

World Wide Stationery Manufacturing group is the largest manufacturer of notebook ring metals in the world. In fact, they outsize, produce, and sale more product than all their competitors combined. More than likely, you own multiple of their products. Simply check the back plate under the rings. It will undoubtedly have their name imprinted.

We accepted a retainer which was renewable from one year to the next. This relationship lasted for five years.

The mission of the site was simply to get the company's name known. For the last three years we handled the site no competitor was able to get more than a single item listed within the first ten pages on every major search engine. dominated the web.

With the advent of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a shortage of metals caused the company to reduce costs, one of which was to internalize the production of the web site.

Simon Tu


W. Shawn Wilkerson
Tags: Global, Hong Kong, Manufacturing, Web Design
Design: Sanity
Started: January 2003
Completed: June 2008