Z Cellular

Pay-as-you-go Cellular company.

This was a very extensive and complex project, involving multiple applications, and cutting edge technologies:

  • Authorize.net CIM Billing - Fully PCI Compliant in every way.
  • Affiliate / Franchise systems.
  • Automated Cellular Refills.
  • The ability to handle multiple phones - regardless of carrier.
  • Custom-built Online Store
  • Invoicing system
  • WSDL / SOAP interfaces to providers
  • Member areas with content based on Group Membership
  • Private access for operations, procurement, and customer service
  • HTML5, Bootstrap 3, jQuery, CSS3, Responsive
  • MODX, Template Variables, Collections, pdoTools


W. Shawn Wilkerson
Tags: Corporation, Global, mysql application, php application, Web Design
Design: Sanity
Started: February 2013
Completed: June 2015