The following encapsulates the basic components of a new web site design project. The client should make as many of the items available as possible before the project begins. The Sanity LLC representative will inform each client as to the required components for the project.

Sanity Client Checklist

E-mail Accounts

Example: jdoe, doe.j, johndoe, sales, info.
By using a spreadsheet program please create the list as prescribed below.
If you desire to forward email to an outside domain please enter the full email address on the password line to forward it to.

Full Name
John Doe
W. Shawn Wilkerson

Notice! Clients hosted on a server with a control panel, such as cPanel or Plesk may directly created their e-mail accounts and skip this step.


Please provide each text item in a separate document or page of document clearly labeled.
We also ask that this content be provided in a digital format.

Graphics (if applicable)

___ Company Logo
___ Company Slogan
___ Company Backdrops used in advertising
___ Samples of Company Colors
___ Pictures of relevant people
___ Pictures of building(s)
___ Pictures of product(s)
___ Pictures of event(s)
___ Images used on site
___ Images used as icons or clickable links
___ Brochures, catalogues, etc
___ Other applicable graphics

Text (if applicable)

___ Mission Statement
___ Front/Home page introduction
___ Vision Statement
___ Purpose Statement
___ Disclaimers
___ Verbiage
___ Random quotes
___ Customer testimonies
___ Quotes and links to sources on the web
___ Client / product/ event biographies
___ Other applicable text

Contact Information

___ Street address
___ Receiving Address
___ Facsimile (Fax) Number
___ Relevant phone numbers
___ Other applicable contact info
___ Social Media Links
___ Youtube Link
___ Association Links

Web site Information

___ Domain Registrar
___ Domain Registrar Username
___ Domain Registrar Password
___ Current Web Host Username
___ Current Web Host Password
___ Current Control Panel Username
___ Current Control Panel Password


Hand drawn sketches, even on a paper napkin, can save hours and time when communicating the feel and look of a web site design. Anything the client brings to the table, can quickly focus the project in a given direction.

Notice! Paper documents and other materials requiring transcription, editting, formatting, and/ or conversion may encure an additional fee.