MODX Content Management Platform

Winner of 2013 People's Choice and 2012 Critic’s Choice for Best Open Source CMS, MODX is a powerful and flexible content management system that molds itself to your design. MODX is creative freedom. Find out why CMS Critic and countless others around the world choose MODX.

We prefer to use MODX for all of our non E-commerce web design projects. It provides multiple tiers of Access Control Security, unlimited raw power for developers, and the ultimate platform for user innovation.

Our Founder is honored to have been asked to write the book: MODX Revolution: Building the Web Your Way published Summer 2012 which is used to teach classes at Anderson University and the University at Dresden, Germany.

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What our client's say about us

World Wide Stationery Manufacturing located in Hong Kong and Mainland China; ... were needing to brand our Company name and products... through a web site. Shawn [continues] to find new ways to present our products and Brand our name, as we gain recognition within the Bindery Industry [as the world's largest supplier of ring metals].
Russ Truelove, Representative World Wide Stationery Manufacturing Group