Misnomer: Search Engine Optimization

Sadly, this topic is one of the most abused and misunderstood buzzwords floating around the industry. Very few of us work for search engine companies, and therefore will never be able to optimize their engines for our web sites.

SEO "Expert" Exaggerations / Deceptions:

  • .. can get your site in the top position.
  • .. can get your site to be relevant.
  • .. visitors don't matter - only search results do.
  • .. can get you immediate results.
  • .. using Flash is a good idea for SEO.
  • .. meta tags are the most important consideration for SEO.
  • .. will submit your site to x number of search engines.
  • .. we can get you ranked - cheap!
  • .. has absolutely nothing to do marketing.
  • .. [not what they say -- check their own ranking]
  • .. relies on technology and site structure - not site visitors.
  • .. techniques haven't changed in years.

Reality: Web Site Optimizations

We endeavor to create web projects which search engines "like" to visit. With almost two decades building successful web sites, we have learned a few things - most of all: how search engines "think".

Unfortunately, many of the sites on the web which have been "SEO enhanced" by "experts" show little sign of any quantifiable difference - in fact, many of them have shown drastic reduction. Some of these "SEO" web sites end up effectively banned from every major search engine.


This topic is so extensive, our Founder wrote an entire chapter, in his MODX Revolution: Building the Web Your Way discussing the mentalities and actual effective techniques on optimizing a web site for search engines.

We utilize OpenGraph, Facebook API, Twitter API, micro-data, and meta information to teach search engines about the content on a given page. To test it, simply share this page on any social network.

For some people to add SEO to their site, a simple restructuring and url optimization will suffice.

For others, a complete rebuild is required. In effect, they will be starting over.

Contact us, for your search engine optimization needs. We'll be gentle and honest.