Customized internet applications take a site beyond web pages

We convert your intellectual property, business rules, and information to database abstraction layers and access control lists.

Internet Application and Database Development

In essence, Sanity can "hard code" your business, processes, rules, ideas, information, and intellectual property into a website using a database which has the same names and relationships familiar to you. We can calso include user groups allowing site owners to protect content and designate who has access to what.

For many of our clients a project may include database applications, custom user interfaces, integration of APIs, and controlling who is allowed access to what information.

Database Applications

We can store your information in such a way it can be protected and used as intended.

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We use design techniques which can be used even when technology changes.

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We use true Content Management featuring security and unrestrained development.

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Formal Projects Examples

Many of our clients have projects which do not fit in a typical packaged scenario for various reasons:

  • Application development may implement extensive PHP coding and database functionality.
  • Budget Constraints may dictate a gradual build schedule as funding and resources are made available.
  • Event driven websites are usually finished several months before the event and simply "turn-on" when scheduled.
  • Short notice may occur when the client is on a very limited build schedule, requiring immediate attention.
  • Specific schedule demands may cause a site to intentionally evolve over time based on specified goals and schedule.
  • Monthly Retainers allow Sanity LLC to effectively become the client's "in-house" development team in which a predetermined number of hours each month are used to build, maintain, and otherwise interact with the client's project. This process has worked well for our international clients, who retain us for $600 - $1800 per month. Contracts require semi-annual or annual agreements and are billed monthly.

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