Object Oriented Database Structures

We can store your information in such a way it can be protected and used as intended.

Database applications

We create an object-relational bridge library, combing the data with the database process, so as to reduce the code base and directly restricts the type of information which can be stored thereby protecting your investment.

Our Methods

In layman's terms, our system uses a single connection in and out of the database allowing a single application or multiple applicat to be safely accessed. Essentially, the developers have already dictated the type of data to expect and the relationships it has with other data. The system ensures any requests meet the requirements efficiently and automatically.

Additionally, we use an always-on approach so that the site is constantly aware of available information and who should have access to it.

To further increase security and databse updates, all requests and insertions are sanitized in a two-tired approach: first the actual request to the website is sanitized, and lastly the data itself is sanitized before interactions with the database.

The benefit of our system is rapid development and lower production costs.

Traditional Methods

In layman's terms, the overhead required to protect the database and website can be quite heavy due to each request requiring the user input to be specifically coded to sanitized the input from attacks. This can become quite burdensome on the developers and as a result unintended security holes or other issues may be introduced.

The majority of web applications developed have segmented database structures, back-end, and the front end display. This requires a bloated code base as database connections are continually being created and dissolved, requests are sanitized, and the result set is looped through for formatting and other processes.

In short, traditional methods require a large amount of effort to do what our systems do transparently.

Database projects we have been involved in

User Account tracking
Email Tracker
Relationship tracking
Cellular Recharge Portal
PCI Compliant Authorize.net CIM
Affiliate relationship programs
Custom e-commerce solution
Worship list creator and usage tracker
Real Estate Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Vacation booking membership
Product database for Microsoft Excel
Backend for a social network startup (x2)