Future-proofing your web application

We use design techniques which can be used even when technology changes.

Future-proofing web site project applications.

Future-proofing is claimed by many people, but very few are actually able to offer a built-in mechanism for transferring information from current technologies directly to those which are developed as technology innovations are introduced to the industry.


We typically use MySQL database management systems due to its industry dominance. We can also develop MS SQL, SQLite, and other vendor formats.

Object Oriented

We use PHP Object Oriented Programming techniques to establish reusable components to perform operations using terminology familiar to the client.


We use technologies which allow many formats to be transferred to and from a centralized database platform, including JSON, XML, CSV, PHP arrays, etc.

Forward-thinking software design

Consistant and reliable responses based on resuable, time-tested code and skillsets.

We use next-generation coding platforms to provide your content and information access to those venues and technologies which can then be transaparently added to the project or transitioned to over time.

In short, we build your application with the intention of growing and evolving it as your needs change and technology benefits it.


PHP Array
PHP Object


MODX Integration
Modular Design
Stand-alone Applications
XML Definitions of Data